The Stolen Pony Lounge is a mobile event space rental inside a 31ft 1974 restored Airstream Trailer. We deliver creative sanctuary and inspiring social experiences in Portland, Oregon and beyond. 

DRESSING ROOM/Green Room/Make up Trailer






Whether you need an on set trailer for an actor or a green room/dressing room for a musician. The Stolen Pony Lounge offers the perfect venue! With a spacious lounge in the front and room for a clothing rack, make up, etc in the back, the Airstream offers a timeless experience. 





Create a lounge-like area in your reception space. Why? People can get antsy. Instead of having your guests sit around the same dinner tables all night, a change of environment will promote conversation and keep even your non dancing guests entertained. When planning your wedding, you'll probably be thinking of ways to make it a truly unforgettable experience. Not just for you and your partner, but also for all of your guests. We offer timelessness and uniqueness to add to your special occasion. Our modu­lar venue can be used bride's or groom's suite pre-ceremony while also offering the ability to transform post-ceremony into a bar & lounge for the reception.  Our Airstream can be taken pretty much anywhere.  From a downtown wedding venue, to a farm, wine coun­try or even the coast.

corporate/Special events/MEETING ROOM



Our modular lounge is perfect as a meeting room space, hosting outdoor dinner parties, corporate retreats and any social experience. The Stolen Pony Lounge offers you the freedom to set up anywhere you want, making your event unexpected and unique. 


PHOTO booth

PHOTO shoots



Create memorable experiences for your guests with the Stolen Pony Photo Booth! Option to secure it in the back of the Airstream or anywhere outside.  The Photo Booth is super easy to use, comes with fun props and choice of backdrop. Just press start and let the fun begin!





Step inside an Airstream travel trailer and you'll step into a different era. Airstreams have long communicated the essence of cool. They continue to be featured as backdrops for high-end fashion shoots and feature films because of their unique and timeless design. The design of the Airstream exists in a contemporary world that goes beyond nostalgia.




In this digital age, brands are looking to create social experiences with their consumers. From product launches to limited-time pop-up shops, brands are continually looking for innovative retail experiences that attract and engage their audiences. Whether as a brand showroom for a product launch or a mobile pop-up shop, brands are connecting their digital/social experiences to the physical world. Tweeting out secret pop-up shop locations or hosting product launch experiences in unexpected places. The Stolen Pony Lounge is the ultimate mobile venue experience to help brands build relevant buzz with their consumers wherever they may be. The Stolen Pony Lounge can bring your brand anywhere. 




Photography provided by Mosca Studio.